10 Reasons That People Are Hateful To Stove Defra Stove Defra

What is a Stove Defra?

Stove refers to a wood-burning stove or multi-fuel that has been approved for use in smoke-controlled areas. This is a requirement for some UK cities and towns.

They provide the smallest amount of combustion air, thus producing virtually no smoke. They also come in different styles and designs to fit your home’s aesthetic.

Clean Burning

In the past, businesses and homeowners could burn whatever fuel they wanted. This led to the emission of more smoke into our environment. This caused a great deal of health problems for the people living and working in the affected areas. In the UK several towns and cities have been designated as Smoke Control Areas (or Smokeless Zones) and it is unlawful to burn wood without a DEFRA-approved SE-approved stove.

These DEFRA stoves are designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements for use in these types of zones. The air vents are generally not completely closed and prevent the stove from being deprived of oxygen during the combustion. This in turn reduces the amount of particulate matter released into atmosphere. They also have advanced combustion systems such as secondary and tertiary burn which can reduce emissions further.

Stoves that have been endorsed by Defra can be used with other fuels, such as anthracite. This allows you to choose more options for heating your home. However should you reside in a Smoke Control Area, it is strongly recommended to only burn dry, “ready to burn” wood logs in your stove. This will not only reduce the amount of air pollution created however, it will also help to keep your chimney and flue system in good condition for a longer time.

At The Stove Yard we have an extensive selection of both traditional and modern Defra approved wood burners as well as multi fuel stoves that start at just PS420. We offer a range of stoves to suit every budget, whether searching for a Defra-approved 5kW stove or a bigger model with an 8kW.

Recent headlines have been spreading fear about the negative impact of stoves on the quality of air. Some of these reports have incorrectly mixed the emissions from modern stoves with older stoves, open fires, and other kinds of equipment and fuels used in the home. The reality is that modern stoves including ones that are Defra approved or Ecodesign have lower levels of emissions than other stove and heating method and play a vital function in keeping our indoor air healthy.

Low Emissions

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding the use of wood burning stoves and their relationship to air pollution. Wood burning stoves aren’t responsible for a large percentage of UK small particulate matters. This is a common myth. In fact the domestic combustion of wood and solid fuels account for less than one third of the PM.2.5 in Britain. This is based on research carried out by the government, which used flawed data to estimate the contribution of wood stoves, however, more recent research from the SIA and other organisations shows that this figure is closer to 13%.

If you reside in an area that is under smoke control, it is essential to choose a DEFRA approved log burner or stove. These appliances have been tested to make sure they meet emission standards that reduce air pollution. The Defra exempted stove logo is widely used in the industry. If you see it on a stove, or in its specifications or names you can be certain that it is a low-emissions stove. emissions and that it is suitable for use within a smoke-free area.

A DEFRA approved stove also complies with EU Ecodesign regulations that will take effect in 2022. These new requirements will significantly reduce the amount of smoke that a stove will emit when it is burning. Many Defra exempt stoves are being designed to meet these new guidelines and the SIA suggests installing an Ecodesign Ready stove rather than a Defra Exempt appliance as the particulate emission limit is lower by 55% for Ecodesign Ready appliances.

In addition to decreasing emissions, DEFRA approved stoves are often more efficient than traditional open fires. They can also help you save money on heating costs. They are specifically designed to burn wood, coal and other solid fuels efficiently to produce maximum heat while eliminating waste. By selecting a stove that burns wood you can lower the amount carbon dioxide emitted by the combustion.

Suitable for Smoke Control Areas

If you reside in a region where smoke is controlled it is mandatory to use a DEFRA-approved stove. Otherwise, you could face fines. These stoves are designed for smokeless fuels, which produces very little particulates and other harmful gasses. They are also more efficient than standard stoves, and they can help you save money on heating bills. The stoves from DEFRA Legislation Stoves come in a wide range of styles, so you can pick the best one for your home.

A DEFRA approved stove is typically referred to as an SE (smoke exempt) stove, and it permits burning fuels that would otherwise be prohibited in smoke control areas. These fuels include smokeless coal and logs. They also include briquettes as well as other readily available smokeless fuels. DEFRA approved stoves do not be exempt from other regulations imposed by your local authority. It is important to adhere to all regulations in the region.

Stoves that have been approved by Defra have been subjected to rigorous tests to ensure they are safe and clean to use. They usually include secondary and tertiary combustion systems to increase efficiency and reduce emissions. They also have a large firebox that allows you to burn larger quantities of fuel in one go. These attributes make them a good choice for homes in smoke-controlled areas.

It’s also important to ensure that your stove is in good working order DEFRA stoves online to ensure that it is efficient and safe. This includes cleaning it regularly and making sure the chimney is clear of blockages. Routine maintenance of your stove will help to reduce the risk of fire as well as carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you are using only approved fuels and have a 6-inch liner, a Defra Multifuel stove can be used for DEFRA Legislation Stoves smoke control areas. Bowland Stoves offers a variety of Defra Multifuel Stoves in a variety of styles that will fit your home. Our stove experts are on hand to answer any questions you might have.


Defra approved wood burning stoves provide homeowners with an efficient, clean and low-emissions fire and a cost effective method of heating their homes. They are available at a range of prices, ranging from basic log burners to top-of-the-range wood burning stoves. They offer many advantages, including being eco friendly and compatible with smoke control zones.

DEFRA approved wood and multi-fuel stoves are able to be used in smoke-controlled areas of the UK. They are a cost-effective, convenient alternative to gas stoves and open flames. They are designed to burn a variety of fuels, including solid fuels, peat, and logs. Some are also compatible with wood pellets and smokeless briquettes, which are a fantastic choice for the eco-conscious homeowner.

These stoves not only provide a stylish, affordable way to heat your home however, they are extremely efficient and offer the most efficient levels of combustion. These stoves also come with features such as secondary and tertiary systems that help minimise emissions and guarantee optimal performance.

A DEFRA stove can be used with a 5″ chimney liner when burning dry wood (with the stove also having a 5″ flue size); whereas if you purchase an appliance that isn’t DEFRA exempt it is required to upgrade the chimney liner to a minimum of 6″ which can be costly.

When purchasing a new stove, there are a variety of factors to take into account. These include the dimensions of the space, the heat demands and the kW output that the stove can provide. You should also take into account the design of the stove and how it will complement your interior design. If you’re installing your stove into an existing fireplace chamber or inglenook, there are plenty of aesthetically-pleasing traditional and contemporary DEFRA stoves near me stoves to choose from. Alternatively contemporary Defra models look fantastic even without a traditional mantle or fireplace surround.

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