Why Everyone Is Talking About Window Repair Leeds Right Now

Door Panels From Leds

We offer a variety of high quality door panels that are made from maintenance-free, heavy-duty PVCu with a resilient foam core. They provide insulation and are robust enough to withstand the effects of ageing, weathering and fire.

They also offer a wide selection of options for glazing, whether you’re looking at full glazed or attractive smoked or ornamental glass doors.

Moulded Panel

Molded doors are an excellent option for Upvc door repairs Leeds interior doors when you’re upgrading or building an apartment, home in the city, or a hotel. They’re stylish and affordable. They are durable and versatile and can be customized to fit both traditional and modern tastes. They are available in a range of raised and flat panel profiles, and smooth or textured patterns.

These interior doors are made from a single piece of moulded high-density faces that are joined to a wooden frame. They are pre-primed and with a base coat of white and can be finished on the spot in a matter of minutes. They are available with a range of core specifications, including standard lightweight cellular paper for light duty, non fire approved applications, 44m thick FD30 solid particleboard for safety and sound performance and a fire resistant insulation core to provide a fire rated solution.

The molded face is available in a glazed option to let the sun shine in or to enhance the privacy of your home. Driven by Decor repurposed a hollow-core made door in her kitchen to make an animal door, and we love how it came out!

Solid Panel

Solid panel doors look and feel like one solid piece of wood. However, they are actually comprised of stiles and mullions and rails, which are used to hold floating panels. They are more durable than hollow core doors, and they are also resistant to cracking and warping in humid climates.

By using a multi-layered structure, the individual lamellae made of softwood are optically graded mechanically, and joined to one another with an adhesive. This minimizes swelling and shrinkage due to changes in the climate. This three- or five-layer bonding, combined with thick covering layers lets raw material keep its natural properties and increases its durability and strength.

MOSO Bamboo Solid Panels are attractive and highly durable and comparable in hardness to high-quality hardwoods. It is also a carbon neutral resource that is growing rapidly as a renewable resource. Harvesting takes only five years, which is compared to over fifty years for the majority of hardwoods. This makes it a green product that is a great choice for projects that seek LEED or BREEAM certification. This type of cladding is also weatherproof and resistant to pollution.


Bifold doors are a great way to integrate the inside of your home with your garden or outdoor space. You can pick from Upvc Door repairs Leeds or timber, or aluminium.

The doors are typically glazed, with panels that fold up and Upvc door repairs leeds stack neatly against each other when opened up. These doors are ideal to open up large spaces to let in sunlight. They can be installed either externally or internally, and are a popular option to connect outdoor and indoor spaces.

Internal bifold doors offer an incredible amount of flexibility and are able to be tailored to meet the needs of any homeowner. They are ideal for connecting a living space with an outdoor dining space or kitchen and add to the overall appearance of your home. Be sure to lubricate your hinges frequently to ensure that they don’t get dry or become squeaky. This can be done using some elbow grease or a bottle of household oil. This will keep your door looking brand new for a longer period of time.


The french door is extremely popular for larger apartment systems. The French panel opens using a numeric-style keypad that communicates instructions audio and visually to callers on what they should do according to their input. The panel also has an lockable latch that can be locked for additional security.

The doors are constructed from upvc window handle repairs leeds with no maintenance, which is resistant to fire and weathering. A resilient foam core provides additional insulation and a strong construction helps to keep the doors from the doors from bending. Accessories such as letter plates, numerals, and spy holes are supplied by the manufacturer as needed.

Choose from a variety of colour options which include Mist and Amber. Natural and Amber panels are able to be left untreated to be stained in order to match the project specific colour palettes.


Sidelights add a fashionable touch to any entranceway, increasing the curb appeal and providing an extra dimension to the exterior of your house. These windows can be put on either side of a door and are available in a variety of height styles. This allows homeowners peek outside without opening the door and it does not compromise security. This is a great choice for families with children or pets as well as people who don’t want peepholes.

Sidelight doors are available with various glass options like decorative contact paper, frosted glass, and stained or painted glass. The right choice can improve the aesthetics of your home while providing privacy, and it can also improve energy efficiency by removing the necessity for a light fixture in the entryway.

A contractor is required to replace a door with sidelights. The opening in the rough is bigger than that of a standard door. This project is often an excellent chance to upgrade other areas of the entranceway as well by widening the rotten brickmould or relocating electrical wires.

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