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Choosing an Outbuilding Freezer

Many people make use of their garage or an outbuilding as a freezer. They can be a tremendous help on busy days when you need meals quickly and easily.

Freezers are designed for operation in temperatures of 0-110 degrees Fahrenheit (-18-43 degrees Celsius). If they are placed in an unsuitable environment, they will have to work harder and use more energy.


The location of an outdoor freezer must be situated in a spot where it can operate effectively. This is because freezers are most effective in cool environments. This is the reason it is essential to take this into consideration when deciding where to install the outdoor freezer. The freezer should be shielded from direct sunlight as this could reduce its efficiency in energy use, resulting in a higher electricity bill. Refrigerators that are located in direct sunlight can be prone to temperature spikes, which can cause unnecessary stress on the appliance and result in premature wear.

Convenience and accessibility can also influence the location of the freezer. For instance, a freezer located in a shed or garage, which is accessible through the kitchen, might be ideal. However the freezer that is in a separate shed that requires a trip outside in the snow or rain to reach, might not be as practical as one placed inside.

A cover can protect the freezer from the elements, debris, and backyard animals. This is especially important for those living close to the ocean where the salty air can harm the freezer’s components.


Selecting the right size freezer is an important aspect to take into consideration when shopping. You need to ensure the freezer is big enough to meet your needs and can accommodate your family’s food consumption. A freezer with a huge capacity could be a great investment. It can also help you save money by purchasing in the bulk.

A good rule of thumb is to allocate 2.5 cubic feet of storage space for each household member. This will give you the ability to store a wide variety of frozen foods, such as meats and vegetables as well as desserts drinks, desserts and other foods that are high in protein. Begin by measuring the space in your shed or garage to determine the size of freezer you need.

If you don’t have a lot of room, try smaller or compact freezers, such as the GE Garage Ready 17.3 Cu Frost Free upright freezer. The freezer is compact and has an opening that can be opened left or right. It is equipped with high-quality insulation to shield the freezer from extreme temperature fluctuations and ensure consistent operation. It comes with a built-in defrost clock that removes ice in a timely manner and stops overflow.

Larger freezers, like the Frigidaire EFRF696 AMZ upright freezer, provide plenty of storage space for your favourite drinks and foods. This model is ideal for cold environments. It is able to operate in an operating temperature range of 10C to 18C. It features a spacious interior that can accommodate up to 20 bags of ice and has removable wire shelves.

Examine the specifications of the manufacturer of your freezer to ensure that it can be able to operate in the garage or outbuilding. The majority of manufacturers list the freezer’s climate class as well as how cold it can be to be operated in an unheated setting. Some brands, such as Beko, offer frost-free freezers that can operate in -15C temperatures with their FreezerGuard technology. But, it is recommended to verify the warranty of the manufacturer to ensure that the freezer is able to stand up to your particular garage or other outbuilding conditions.

Energy efficiency

If you plan to use an outbuilding freezer in a garage or shed that’s not climate controlled, you will want to search for an energy-efficient model. These models are better in insulation than other freezers and will not lose as much cold air when they’re opened. These models will also be less expensive to run as they require less energy. It is also recommended to choose a model with low frost technology, which will require less defrosting, and can save you energy costs.

You can pick from a range of energy-efficient freezers that come in a variety of sizes. You can find them at brick-and-mortar retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and Home Depot, as well as online retailers like Amazon and eBay. Certain local utility companies offer rebates on freezers that meet specific efficiency requirements.

It is essential to know the size of your freezer and how much electricity it will require to freeze your food. You can also make use of an energy calculator to calculate the cost of a freezer. cost each year to operate.

Freezers use up to their stated wattage when are cooling, however this isn’t a continuous. Once they reach a set temperature the components (such as the compressor and outdoor freezers the motor for the evaporator) will go into in idle mode.

When choosing a freezer, consider its ENERGY STAR certification which means it meets the specific energy usage criteria set by the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy. This is especially crucial if you intend to use the freezer in a shed or garage that isn’t climate-controlled, as these units are more energy-intensive than a conventional freezer.

Also, look for freezers with a warranty against power outages as well as a high temperature alarm or light. This will ensure that they continue to work even if there is a power outage. You can also purchase freezers that feature a self-defrost function, which will reduce the frequency of defrosting and your energy bills.


While most freezers are designed to be kept in a closed space however, some individuals require larger models that can be put in their garage or shed. If the temperature in this kind of setting is to low, it could cause the freezer to cease working properly or even break. Think about purchasing an appliance that has an assurance to cover any issues that might arise when it is installed in an outbuilding.

Many manufacturers have realized that their customers are often in limited space. They have developed chest freezers that can be safely stored in garages or outbuildings. These freezers are designed with a ‘freezer-protection ‘ technology which means they can operate even at temperatures as low -10degC. Brands like Beko, Ice King and Russell Hobbs now all offer this kind of freezer that can be used for outside use.

Certain companies are specialized in Outdoor Freezers (El.Wizshop.Co.Kr), like Montpellier. It has a white 99-litre freestanding chest freezer that can be used for outbuildings or garages. It is A+ energy efficient and comes with FreezerGuard. It is also covered by NordMende’s standard 3-year warranty. The site is a reputable online retailer with positive reviews from customers and has been in operation since the year 2014. It is also a member of Trusted Shops.

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